Manhattan Early College School for Advertising

Manhattan Early College School for Advertising

Positioning innovation in education.

From conception to completion, we developed the brand & identity for New York City’s most innovative education venture.

It was the city and state’s first school to provide a 6-year curriculum that would see students through two years of college, and end the program with an Associate’s degree without any cost to the students’ families. Needless to say, a new model for a new school required a clear understanding and awareness among parents, and an exciting incentive for students.


Not your momma’s high school (sorry, mom)

Because of MECA’s innovative 6-year education model, and specific focus in the advertising and media space, we were conscious to not make the brand feel or sound like the standard high school experience. MECA was far from it.

We developed a color system and used strong iconography to express the concept of the 6-year curriculum. And used daring language and modern visual cues across all branding platforms to engage the modern student and their parents. A Facebook thumb and a “Follow” button made its way into our published work, because it delivered a relevant message that was relatable to prospective students.

An identity we’re proud of

The initial request was to develop just the logo. We went beyond that and developed an identity system. We envisioned 6 years of a student’s experience through the actual halls of the school to inspire the brand mark, and crafted a narrative that spoke to each of those 6 nurturing and profound years of an education at MECA.

Our strong, strategic thinking at the logo development phase led the Department of Education to retain us for the full creative development of MECA’s early recruitment efforts. We designed open house flyers, education fair posters, t-shirts and other MECA goodies.

What we’re most proud of with this assignment: seeing the students in MECA gear with a brand identity and story we crafted with them in mind.


  • Brand Development
  • Creative Direction
  • Design
  • Branding & Identity
  • Copy
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Promotional Items