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Urban Word

Revamping the stage for young literary artists.

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As a non-profit youth literary & performing arts organization, managed by and serving the youth, Urban Word and its young performers & artists craved a brand that represented their energy, passion and artistry. The thing is, corporate partners and educators were equally vested in Urban Word. So refreshing the brand while striking a balance that energized and respected both the artists and corporate partners was a challenge we welcomed and met with success.


Out with the old narrative

The old Urban Word was, respectfully, a blast from the past. Ask any board member, mentor or youth participant, and they’d tell you the old site, identity and brand narrative were outdated, disconnected and uninspiring. With that in mind, every creative decision was intentional toward combatting such sentiments.

We redefined their narrative to focus more on the energy, performance and passion of the artists; revamped their brand identity by introducing a brighter, more energetic color palette; and positioned the organization as a hero within the communities they served. All of which was reflected through the hierarchy, nomenclature, copy and photography & art selections across the brand’s platforms.

An artist’s awareness

Where an artist lends their name, and shares their work, matters. With so many high-profile, press-garnering and award-winning talent the organization engaged and served, getting this rebrand right meant securing top talent who would be proud to be associated with the brand. Which would lead to increased press and interest among educational partners and students. Which would ultimately lead to happy and active donors, excited to fund and partner in the brand’s efforts. We couldn’t mess this one up. No pressure, we knew.

Performing a complete site redesign inclusive of an overhaul of their user experience & site structure, and a modern and intentional design, we restored a positive and fun sentiment that reinvigorated their core audience of young artists, activated educational professionals and mentors, and encouraged donors & corporate partners to donate.

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Clients dream of working with an agency like this because of their ability to complete a project from the ground up. The team is great under pressure and talent unparalleled. Their hands-on approach, creative direction, and front-end development are high rate and fully translates across all industry types.

- Jason Wright, Former Director of Communications, Urban Word